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Monday, May 21, 2012


to have a baby or babies, it's my dream... and i always dream to have a cute children and being a mother... but to have children, i have to marry someone who i trust, someone who i think, 'he' can lead me to be a good muslimah, to be a good wife.. to be a good daughter to my parent and my parent in-law..... now i'm 19... going on 20 on august, soon..... at the age like this, no wonder la each person or women start to think about their future and think about married..... if my father approve me to marry  now, i want  a man who really want me to be his wife because he care 'bout me, really want to help me and also help himself to get redho Allah s.w.t... (huhuhu... ad ke?)... honestly, i want to be a wife to my husband... really and really want too..... not because of the sexual desire or desperate or so on.... but i'm afraid the future that i'll be one fine day... the future that no one know except ALLAH s.w.t.... the situation right now does not allow me to marry though i really want to... and the 'man' that i really want to marry before is not mine anymore...

"ya ALLAH, help me to find a man that can lead to YOUR way.. that can lead me to your jannah.... that can lead me to meet YOU and Rasulullah s.a.w.... amin"

 i know my English doesn't look well for those who read this, but i tried and try to make my english well because i'll take MUET test soon.... if my grammar, comprehension, or my sentences are wrong, please tell me... and teach me how to make my english better and better than before... peace ^_^"

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